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Jill S. Flateland spent 40 years working as a nurse executive. But after retiring in 2006, she took her first bold steps into the wider writing world.

Among her published works include real stories about family members who took part in many historical events that shaped the world (from the early 20th century to WW2). She’s also written several novels, including one that landed as a finalist in the 2014 Colorado Gold Contest of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Group.

Today, she and her husband live in Colorado and travel extensively. A portion of sales from her books are also funneled towards charitable causes that the couple is actively involved in.

First off is Seeds of South Sudan, where donations help rescue refugees from Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, allowing orphans to attend a boarding school in the country. Once these students graduate, they plan to return to South Sudan to help rebuild its economy and infrastructure and create a stabilized nation.

The other is Angel Covers, where proceeds are used to support a Vill-Angel Medical clinic in the center of a rural farming community in Katale, Kenya, allowing poor families to receive high-quality healthcare.

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