Until We Meet Again

Until We
Meet Again

Tobias McFitzroy is a ghost condemned to wither on Earth for the sins of letting himself rot in jail and leaving his daughter to die at a murderer’s hand. As a ghost, he gets a second chance. Will his actions lead to redemption – or will he fade into damnation?

Book Review

A pretty far out there concept, but it had me from the beginning. I really loved this book! – Jan AcheyI really enjoyed this novel. There is a lot action and suspense in equal measure. Car chases, suspenseful “there is someone in the house” scenarios, identity swaps, a host of betrayals and more. The plot and character relationships proved very complex, which was a welcome break from some of the more simplistic (a.k.a. predictable) stories I’ve read lately. The author clearly has a good understanding of Colorado current events and history, and watching the story create bridges between the two was fun. The main character is independent, resourceful, level-headed and compassionate. She doesn’t start conflicts, but they keep centering on her. She deals with them in ways that are both human and commendable because she feels fear when any sane person would but manages to push through it in a realistic way. I get a little tired of stoic heroes who don’t blink an eye when it really hits the fan. This novel provided a welcome break from that. I will definitely check out more books from this author.– Trail Runner

About the Author

Jill Flate

Jill S. Flateland

Jill S. Flateland spent 40 years working as a nurse executive. But after retiring in 2006,
she took her first bold steps into the wider writing world.

Among her published works include real stories about family members who took part in many historical events that shaped the world (from the early 20th century to WW2). She’s also written several novels, including one that landed as a finalist in the 2014 Colorado Gold Contest of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Group.


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